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Our three-step ladder is perfect for giving your cat a seat at the windowsill or access to places of a similar height. Plus, we cover shipping!

cat ladder

All ladders come with one mounting block, one Grippy Stick, all mounting hardware, detailed assembly instructions, and a special surprise for your cat! This Cat Ladder is so easy for you to move around the house and high enough to give your cat a great view out the windows. If your cat is large, or if you have two little cats who will want to sit side-by-side as they look out the window, this ladder is a good choice.

Roughly the height of a windowsill. The top step of this Cat Ladder rests nicely on a window sash mid-way up a double-hung window while projecting less than 3 feet into your room. Easy to move around the house yet high enough for a better view out the windows.

Wider steps give your larger cat more room to stretch out. About the height of the back of a sofa, a bit higher than a standard kitchen countertop. Now you and your kitty will finally see eye to eye! Give your cat a boost to a shelf or the top of a chest of drawers. The width of this Cat Ladder gives large cats more room to get comfy. To help you picture it in your home, the top step can rest on a sash mid-way up a double-hung window while projecting less than 3 feet into your floor space.

With this ladder, they can find out. This Cat Ladder is a good height if you want to give your kitty a boost to the top shelf or chest of drawers, for example. Big cat? Big ladder, to reach so many of the high spots around your home that your cat has been dreaming about — even the high windows! Jun 1, - Jul 1, 30 days.

cat ladder

Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Cat Ladder Feline Furniture. Let your cats climb indoors on their own furniture that's right at home with yours. Cat Ladder. Last updated August 23, Share this project. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Durham, NC Product Design.

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Support Select this reward. Standard width steps — 9" x 9" see photo and dimension diagrams. Estimated delivery Sep Ships to Only United States. Shipping destination.We cover things like where to start, which room to use, and a lot of different tips and tricks to make the most out of your walls.

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Our cat furniture is a space conscious alternative to the traditional cat tree. Our new, sleek design comes along with with many functional upgrades, including a third stabilizing screw from underneath each shelf.

Gift cards always always come in handy, especially for those last minute presents! Gift cards can be used to purchase any of our cat furniture. Shop Cat furniture. New Mounting tips!

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cat ladder

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Cat Toy Graveyard. My Account. Mounting Instructions. Weight Loss Tips. Feline Enrichment. Drywall Repair Tips.My cat is always wanting to get way up on top of the high cabinets in my apartment. So, why not build her a kitty ladder! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I found some of those metal things that are used to block up the unused pci slots on a computer.

They probably have a name, don't know it though. Cut the wood to the appropriate length. For my tall cabinet, I needed 70 inches. I added a few more inches so the ladder could be leaned at a slight angle.

First cover the long sides of the ladder in carpet using hot melt glue to secure it and keep it from unravelling. Keep in mind where the seam will wind up and try to keep the seams neat and in the back.

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I cut the wood for the steps of the ladder to be 5 inches long each. Wrap each of these in carpet and secure with hot melt glue. First, predrill holes into the rungs of the ladder with the drill bit. Then line up the rung using other rungs as guides to keep it even. If you have a framing clamp, this could come in handy for this.

Predrill the holes into the side of the ladder. Then attach the rung with a screw. I only used one screw, that way I could turn the rung to different angles if I wanted to.

Lean the ladder up against the tall cabinet and attach at the top with some metal bits. Make the ladder really secure and solid, cause if that cat thinks it might fall down, she won't use it. Like all cats and humans, she doesn't like it cause it wasn't her idea. But if I leave it there long enough maybe she will begin to use it. I hope. Next will be the kitty bridge! That is for another day for now. You can usually find fairly large remnants, and almost always new.

Great way to keep it from the landfill. Reply 5 years ago. Reply 6 years ago. I also had the idea of tunneling them from room to room upstairs above ranch, under the roof but above the ceilings I love the purple couch!

I think the carpeting on the ladder is genius. My cats started climbing the ladder to my loft bed so they could sleep on ME! I never thought of making a cat ladder just for them, since they apparently have no trouble whatsoever getting exactly as high up as they want to be hanging plants at about 5 feet off the floor, with nothing underneath, and no curtains or window screens to climb - just as an example!

Yes, they still climb screens - started with the patio sliders as tiny little kittens. I put the catfood up in a loft so the dogs couldn't eat it and within a day the cats started going up and down. They are going straight up and down an old funky orchard ladder, nothing as nice as yours. It never gets old watching them on the ladder and they seem to like it too.A ladder provides a safe alternative to encourage your cat's natural tendency to climb and helps direct cats to the spots you want them instead of your counters and tables.

Help your feline friend get around by making a cat ladder. The ladder reduces the chance of an aging or weak cat getting hurt or knocking things over when jumping. A ladder for a cat should be solid between steps to prevent falls, in comparison to a ladder for humans, which has open spaces between the rungs to accommodate human hands and feet. Hold the protractor at the top of the item your cat's ladder will reach up to and make sure the angle going down to the floor is no steeper than 45 degrees.

Visually mark the spot on the floor where the angled line will touch the floor and put the penny on that spot. Measure the area where you plan to put the cat ladder, starting at the penny and measuring up to the top where you originally held the protractor.

Add 2 inches to the length. Put on the safety goggles and use the saw to cut off the excess board, keeping the hand holding the board hand out of the way of the saw's blade.

Place the plywood squares on the board and visually position them so they look even. The gaps between the squares should be 4 to 5 inches long. Use the pencil to mark the edge of each square where it touches the 2-by-4 board. Put a drop of glue about the size of a quarter in the center of each square and press the squares onto the 2-by-4 board.

Use the screwdriver to set three screws in each square, about 2 inches apart in the shape of a triangle. Make sure the screws go through the plywood and into the 2-by-4 board. Sand off any rough spots or splinters you see or feel on the ladder by rubbing the sandpaper against the cut edges of the boards.

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Position the cat's new ladder in the spot you measured. There should be 2 inches sticking up at the top, slightly overlaying the top edge of the item the cat will be climbing. Anchor the ladder with the anchor screws by drilling through the top edge of the ladder and into the item you are attaching the ladder to, or use the duct tape to secure the ladder if you do not want to set the anchor screws in the item. Failure to anchor the ladder can cause the ladder to tip, creating the potential for injury to your cat and anyone standing near or under the ladder.

You can decorate your cat's ladder with paint to match your room's decor or stain it for outdoor use. The ladder's length can be adjusted according to the space you have available by increasing or decreasing both the length of the 2-by-4 board and the number of squares used.

Consider carpeting the squares with adhesive backed carpet sections to give your cat something to grip when climbing. Laure Justice is a professional copywriter, since Justice has a broad-based business education, holding an AA in business administration and a Bachelor of Arts in management, plus certifications in accounting and international trade. By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use.

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Cat ladder

Measure the 2-by-4 board's length and use the pencil to mark the desired length of the ladder.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Rolling ladders are no longer just a simple solution to access problems; they are a key design feature in their own right.

With this in mind, we have created a rolling ladder system that can be tailored to solve any number of access problems within a variety of environments, without compromising on style, design and handmade quality. From the functionality of a warehouse to the contemporary design of a city centre cocktail bar, or as part of a home makeover or renovation, we provide an extremely versatile product that offers style, substance and solution to even the trickiest of access issues.

If you require any help or information on our rolling ladders please don't hesitate to get in touch. A roof ladder is simply a ladder with two hooks attached on the end. The hooks allow it to attach to the peak of a roof securing the ladder to make it easy and safe to move me up and down the roof while giving a base to balance and complete work from.

To get the cat ladder in place it has wheels to allow you to push it up the sloping roof without dislodging or damaging roof tiles or slates. When the wheels reach the top of the roof ridge you simply turn the ladder over and the hooks securely lodge on the ridge of the roof. Usually this only takes a few seconds to complete. For home projects using a roof hook kit is usually the most cost effective way of using a roof ladder for DIY roof maintenance.

Alternatively you can buy a dedicated roof ladder and these usually come as single or double section roof ladders with the roof hook already attached. In order to choose the correct size you need to give consideration to the overall length of the ladder and make sure that they are long enough to reach from the eaves to the roof ridge.

These are articulated roof ladders that fold in half for compact storage and easier transit. Folding roof ladders are becoming more popular as an alternative to sectional roofing ladders where you have to bolt sections together to make the desired roof ladder length. There are no roofing ladder classifications specific to roof ladders yet, but they are coming soonbut most roof ladders should comply with the EN standard or the Class 1 standard.

If you are buying a roof hook kit then the ladder that you attach the roof hook to will be classified and should be at least a BS EN If you are using them at work we would recommend a Class 1 BS ladder, kitemarked with a BS standard. If you are using cat ladders as part of your work or trade then you should also give consideration to using your roof ladders safely. Alternatively, let us inspect them for you.

Contact us for an inspection quote. It is also worth considering that there are alternatives to roof ladders as a form of roof access. At Ladderstore we have a wealth of experience advising customers of the safest ways to use roof ladders and helping with specialist roof access solutions. Ladderstore can solve your roof access problem with existing products, recommend specialist products, tailor existing products and design bespoke solutions that will get you up and running and complying with current working at height legislation with the minimum of fuss.

Home Ladderstore Blog. Dedicated Roof Ladders Alternatively you can buy a dedicated roof ladder and these usually come as single or double section roof ladders with the roof hook already attached. Roof Ladder Certification There are no roofing ladder classifications specific to roof ladders yet, but they are coming soonbut most roof ladders should comply with the EN standard or the Class 1 standard.

Inspecting Your Roof Ladder If you are using cat ladders as part of your work or trade then you should also give consideration to using your roof ladders safely.

Roof Ladder Alternatives It is also worth considering that there are alternatives to roof ladders as a form of roof access. Roof Ladder Question?

Ask Us At Ladderstore we have a wealth of experience advising customers of the safest ways to use roof ladders and helping with specialist roof access solutions. Latest Posts. Kathryn Hamilton. Richard Mitchell.

The Cat Ladder Lets Your Cat Climb Indoors!

David Potter.FREE day shipping on this item. Cat condos, cat scratcherscat trees or cat houses - whatever you call them cats love them. Cats are naturally curious creatures who love to play and explore. They also love to be vertical. They rely on vertical areas for safety, comfort and fun.

Providing your cat with vertical options for play isn't just a luxury, it's a crucial aspect of a cat's life. Cats like to oversee their territory. Their playful, and sometimes private nature, means they'll seek tree houses, posts and cat perches to be able to survey the area.

A cat scratching tree is a great way to redirect unwanted clawing. If your kitty's scratching away at your furniture or clothing, a cat tree condo can provide a great opportunity for scratching that will distract your cat from your prized possessions. A cat condo tree is the easiest way to provide cats with the opportunity to scratch, climb and play. When shopping for the best cat tree keep your cat's size and personality in mind.

It's important that your cat feels comfortable when perching, so when picking out the best cat trees look for perches that will fit your kitty. Why are they called cat condos?

A condo is a multi-story, vertical home. Similarly, cat condos are vertical, and multi-storied playhouses for cats. Cat trees come in a variety of designs, with multiple tiers and challenging areas that inspire stimulating play. Some cat condos are more sophisticated, equipped with hiding places and teaser toys for an elevated experience. Cat condos range in size from 48 inches to inches. The size of your cat condo will depend upon the size of your cat, but also the size of your home and available space.

To add some excitement to your kitty's new play space consider purchasing a few interactive cat toys like a cat tunnel or cat puzzle. Both of these cat toys are designed to keep your feline friend entertained for hours. Purring heights. Cat trees on the up and up.

Cat ladders: a creative solution for felines in flats – in pictures

More Choices Available. Frisco All rights reserved. In Switzerland, outdoor access for cats is considered vital for their welfare, and owners install ramps and ladders on the sides of buildings to help them come and go.

This belief contrasts with the growing view that cats must be kept indoors to protect birds and other wildlife. They have freedom, autonomy—and their own cat-specific architecture.

Be it on the side of a townhouse or apartment complex, custom-built ladders and ramps are designed so cats can come and go as they please. German photographer and architecture aficionado Brigitte Schuster has documented many of these ladders in Bern, Switzerlandin her new book, Swiss Cat Ladders.

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See charming photos of street cats from around the world. Some ladders are made of metal, some of wood; they can be cobbled together from different materials or purchased online or in pet stores as pre-fab kits. Some carpenters even specialize in the design and building of cat ladders. Maeder built her own cat ladder 15 years ago when she moved from a first-floor apartment to a higher floor in her building.

The construction is a simple wood ramp that extends from the window of her second-floor balcony to a nearby tree. Busski crosses the ladder from the window into the tree, jumps from the tree to a fence in the garden, and from the fence to the ground, Maeder says. A study in placed GPS tracking devices on house cats and turned up some interesting findings. While most cats stay in the vicinity of their homes, others travel much farther away, to the surprise of their owners.

Read more about the research. Studies conducted in the United States and Australia have found cats to be prolific bird killers. One study estimated cats kill between and million birds every year in Canada. Read more about the cat-versus-bird debate. There is a discussion to make it compulsory to castrate cats; however, this is not yet very far on the political agenda. Researchers from the University of Zurich and SWILD, a nonprofit association of wildlife biologists, found that cats in the rural Swiss village of Finstersee killed two birds each per month.

Nonetheless, many Swiss believe outdoor access for cats is important for their welfare. Indoor-only cats, the association says, require social contact, hunting-like exercise, and access to new and varied experiences to keep their minds stimulated. Animals Domesticated. A photographer documents the creative architecture the Swiss have made to help their their feline friends get around. Read Caption. By Erin Biba. Photographs by Brigitte Schuster. Switzerland may be the best place in the world to be a housecat.

How far do your cats roam? Continue Reading.